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10 March 2022

Schools near Penticton housing for sale!

Moving to a new home can bring about many challenges. One of them includes finding a school for your children to attend in the fall. Penticton housing for sale offers many properties near great education centres. This will not only shorten your commute but save you valuable time. Each school has a variety of programs to ensure students enjoy their education. High, middle, and elementary schools are equipped with enough space for small classes and great learning. We understand how time-consuming it can be to navigate enrollment at a new school. Team Thompson has compiled all the information you need to successfully enroll your child at a school in Penticton. Stay tuned to our blog each month for informative content on schooling in Penticton. Continue reading below to learn more about Elementary schools in this area.

Carmi Elementary school is near Penticton housing for sale!

The first Elementary school on our list is Carmi Elementary. It is located at 400 Carmi Avenue beside the hospital. The school operates from 8:35 am until 2:35 pm. Additionally, the school has a library, computer lab, and gymnasium. The school is operated by Principal Dave Ritchie. Teachers at the school believe in having a growth mindset. Where kids learn to overcome obstacles and become the best they can be.

Moreover, Carmi Elementary has a hot lunch program available to its students. Every Tuesday is pizza day and students can get a slice for $2.50. There are lots of spirit days throughout the holiday months like October and December. During these times students will get to dress up, make festive crafts, play games, and more. Information on spirit days can be found on the school’s calendar. Click here to visit Carmi Elementary’s website and here to find photos of the school.

Columbia Elementary

Columbia Elementary is located at 1437 Allison Street. The school’s bell schedule is from 8:45 am until 2:45 pm. The school is operated by Principal Trevor Robinson The newly changed bell schedule was done to ensure all students are able to get enough rest prior to their education. Furthermore, Columbia is offering an early education program for students in Penticton. The preschool is for kids that are 3 or 4 years old and going to Kindergarten the following year. Kids go to preschool from 12 until 2:45 Monday through Friday. There are part-time options as well. This year (2021) will be the last year at no cost. All following years will need to pay a fee of $250 per month (cost will change for part-time students). In addition, Columbia Elementary also has a fun lunch program and spirit days on Fridays. Click here to visit the Columbia Elementary website.

Parkway Elementary

Parkway Elementary is a great little school located at 225 Kinney Avenue behind Save-on-Foods. The school is run by Principal Lindsay, Todd. There are tons of programs offered at Parkway Elementary to ensure your kids have a blast at school. The bell schedule operates from 8:40 am until 2:40 pm. At Parkway kids can come to school early and join the Breakfast Club. This cub is run by volunteers and provides kids with the chance to socialize with their friends and eat during the morning. There is also a hot lunch program so parents can stress less about packing a lunch.

Moreover, if you are having trouble picking your kids up on time because of work, the school has a program called the Leapin’ Lizards Daycare. This program offers supervision for kids on pro-d days, spring break, before school, and after school. Kids will get to play, make crafts, hang out with friends and do all sorts of fun activities. Leapin’ Lizards is offered at Parkway, Columbia, and West Bench elementary schools. They also have a ready-set-learn program that helps kids transition into Kindergarten. It is used to ensure kids feel welcome, safe, and have fun at school. Click here to visit Parkway Elementary’s website. 

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These are only a few of the Elementary schools in Penticton. Come back next month to find out about the rest of Penticton’s awesome elementary schools. Each month we will be providing content on the schools near Penticton housing for sale. 

For more information on schools in the area contact us today or visit the SD67 website here. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about Penticton housing for sale. Be sure to reach out with any concerns or inquiries about a property. We look forward to working with you soon!

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