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Team Thompson is proud to be a leader in South Okanagan Real Estate, and much of that success comes down to our marketing strategy. The real estate market is competitive in an area as desirable as this, so it is crucial that your home is showcased in the best way, and reaches the right buyers. Our web and social media presence are optimized to have as much reach as possible, and we work hard to produce professional collateral that impresses buyers and drives leads. Having your home showcased the right way can make a huge difference, and the continued success of our marketing efforts proves this is something we excel at.

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Selling real estate in Penticton means you need to put yourself and your listings out there! We do both of those things because we knew long ago that social media was here to stay. That’s why we are such active participants on everything from YouTube to Instagram. At Team Thompson, we regularly use social media to feature new real estate listings in Penticton, new developments and real estate news.


We focus on extending our reach among our avid followers as far as possible. The main goal is for us to attract a large viral audience for the properties that we showcase online. Virtual eyeballs give us rapid exposure for your property. Our website allows us to track all of these leads and visits in real time. That allows us to then analyze our social media plan and make adjustments if necessary.


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Web & Mobile Presence

Our website has been designed and developed to the latest industry standards. Even more important is how frequently we evolve our website.  Team Thompson wants to remain the leader in Penticton real estate, and we know our marketing program is a huge part of our success. That means our customers benefit from our technical expertise and reach.

We have the latest technology to display your real estate listings across the web.  Our website is compatible with the latest browser, mobile and desktop settings. This means that customers can search for real estate in Penticton just as easily from their phone, tablet or desktop computer.  We also make it really easy for customers to contact us. We can chat, text, email and of course who can forget that good old fashioned phone call!

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our web and mobile marketing strategies and how they can help you sell your home!

Professional Videos

Professional videos are almost a must have these days! Especially if you’re trying to showcase a property that truly has to be seen to be appreciated!  Team Thompson uses video in a number of ways. Not only does it add a layer to your marketing program but it also allows us to increase our exposure and reach for your property.

Once we have a full walk-thru video produced we get to work on sharing it everywhere that we can. These specialty shot real estate videos include drone footage and other highlights designed to create interest for prospective buyers. We publish our property videos on our website and on YouTube. They are also embedded into the listing details on the MLS.

Videos are a great way to market an essential property. Give us a call if you want to learn more about marketing your property for sale using video today!
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Professional Photography

Nothing sells like a great photo. With the advent of Instagram, Snapchat and other photo sharing social media there’s really no debate that a good photo is everything! That doesn’t ring truer than it does when you’re marketing real estate. A good photo will undoubtedly capture someone’s immediate attention.

Our photographer does a great job at producing eye catching real estate listing photos. These photos can help to convey the location, the scope and size and the minute details that can mean so much to a buyer. Using professional photography is a must in order to show your home in the best possible light (literally) and give customers a better understanding of the property.

Get in touch with Team Thompson if you’re looking for professional photos to sell your home in Penticton!
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Detailed Floor Plans

Sometimes when you look at a property online it can be hard to figure out how each room flows together. When you list with Team Thompson that can be a worry of the past!  Most of us don’t have readily available floor plans for our homes. Either because your home has changed hands several times since it was built or you weren’t the original builder.  Team Thompson uses walk-thru technology to get an accurate representation and measurement of each room in your home.

That data is then entered into a program that allows us to produce a fully interactive and detailed floor plan. This floor plan can then be used to give potential buyers a better idea of how each room connects to the other. It can also be used as part of a tour so that potential buyers can do a virtual walk around your home. This is especially great for pre-screening buyers in today’s uncertain times and limiting the amount of in person showings.

Contact us if you want to get a virtual floor plan of your home today!

Luxury Feature Sheets

When buyers are looking for the perfect home they can spend a lot of time narrowing places down. We want to make sure that your home makes the shortlist! Part of this real estate marketing in Penticton strategy includes luxury feature sheets. A feature sheet is a glossy leave behind that agents and potential buyers take with them once a home tour has concluded.

Our feature sheets are designed to highlight the best parts of your property.  After seeing so many places in such a short amount of time often buyers can start to see the details all blend together.  Team Thompson’s feature sheets will ensure that every detail has a lasting impression.

Feature sheets are imperative to marketing real estate for sale in Penticton. Find out more today by getting in touch with us!
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In-depth Marketing Analysis

The most comprehensive part of our real estate marketing in Penticton plan includes in-depth market analysis. After 29+ years in the South Okanagan real estate market, it’s safe to say we know our stuff. But you never know when you’ll be confronted by something that throws a wrench in things like a global pandemic!  We make sure that we are always on top of the numbers because the numbers tell us a true story.

When we price your home for sale in Penticton we analyze everything from past comparable sold properties to zoning. Using this fact-based approach allows us to fairly price homes and properties for sale that don’t spend a lifetime sitting on the market waiting for a buyer.

If you want to learn more about Team Thompson’s in-depth marketing analysis reach out to us today!
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