Finding a home for sale in Penticton is easier when you have a good real estate team backing you every step of the way. Our local team has all the answers about home buying and selling. Especially buying questions like, What happens if my offer isn’t accepted? Should we buy new or buy a fixer-upper?  Some of these answers will depend on your unique situation. Most importantly, our first priority is to find a home for you that fits your life! That’s why we can work to help you find homes close to schools, shopping, outdoor activity, or whatever is important to you.

Receive New Listings First

As an insider we will provide you news , knowledge and even new listings before they hit the market! We have plenty of information to share with you about the South Okanagan real estate market, such as upcoming new development areas as well as trends in your neighbourhood.

If you’re serious about real estate in the south Okanagan, then becoming a Team Thompson insider is a must!  You can also visit us on Instagram for fun highlights!

Why Buy in Penticton

9 reasons to buy in Penticton

Whenever people come to visit the South Okanagan the topic of buying real estate almost always comes up.  There are many reasons why you should consider jumping into the Penticton real estate market either to buy a forever home or to invest in a Penticton vacation property. Below is a list of 9 reasons why you should seriously consider it.




Low Interest Rates

Pride of ownership




Sense of Community

Team Thompson’s Buying Tips & Information

Buying a home, condo or vacation property in Penticton can be exhilarating. Especially in today's hot Okanagan market. Team Thompson Real Estate Group has a few tips to make the buying experience a little more stress free.
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Team Thompson's Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If there’s one thing that Team Thompson Real Estate Group loves, it's working with first time home buyers in Penticton. The excitement is almost always palpable and we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge of the Penticton and South Okanagan real estate market along with our personal network of professional resources to help ensure the process of buying your first home is a great experience!

It is essential as a first time home buyer in the real estate market that you work with someone who is experienced with first time buyers. First time buyers will usually have more questions than people who have purchased real estate previously. Buying a home is not a simple process, especially when you are not familiar with it. You may not know what price range of properties you can look at, what mortgage payments you can afford, or how the general home buying process works. For a first time buyer, we generally recommend getting to a bank or seeing a Penticton mortgage specialist as soon as possible to determine what you can afford and what you are comfortable with paying each month. You can then be ‘pre-approved’, which is the first step to getting you into an affordable home and getting you started in the market.

Team Thompson Real Estate Group can provide the answers to your questions and walk you through the entire process, from viewing potential homes, to making an offer, to setting up mortgage financing. Although buying your first home can be overwhelming, you can be confident that we will be available to help you every step of the way. We enjoy the process as much as you do, and find it very exciting! We can all still remember buying our first homes and all of the questions that we had. Having a real estate agent that was willing to be available and answer our questions made the process so much easier and calming. This is the same commitment that Team Thompson makes to all of our first time buyers, and anyone that we work with.

Common Reasons to Buy a Home

1. It is a great investment. With the steady increase in real estate and the limited amount of rental properties in our city, it is important to get into the market as soon as you can.

2. Two out of three Canadian families own a home — one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world.

3. Lock in your monthly payments for several years without worrying about sudden payment increases while your house increases in value.

4. Don't forget pride and comfort in owning your own home.

The Buying Process

Moving can be very exciting but it can also be very stressful as there are so many things to remember to do! Don't despair; whether you are doing it on you own, asking friends for some help, hiring professionals in Penticton, here is a quick guide to help you get through the buing process.
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