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10 March 2022

Penticton REALTORS® Wrap-up 2021 with a Year in Review!

Penticton REALTORS® Team Thompson wraps up 2021 with a bow and a comprehensive year in review!

2021 is now coming to a close as we make our way through December. To finish off this year’s blog content, we decided to recap everything we’ve written since January this year. If you missed any of our articles from previous months, now is the time to catch up! There are all sorts of helpful posts from the last 11 months that you won’t want to miss. Follow along as we summarize each article. Be sure to click the link in the summary for the full blog post.

January 2021 - Finding Penticton Real Estate For the New Year

To kick off 2021, as Penticton REALTORS® we wrote all about the benefits of moving to a home in Penticton. For instance, by making the move to a house in this area you’ll be improving your health. Penticton has lots of fresh, local produce so you know exactly where your food is coming from. The endless hours of sunshine will spark a new sense of motivation to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Move to Penticton for a life of fresh goods, physical activity, and great weather! View the full article “Finding Penticton real estate for sale in the new year”.


February 2021 - Why should I hire a professional when looking for Penticton real estate for sale?

There are so many reasons to hire professional Penticton REALTORS® when you begin the search for a new home. For example, hiring an agent will make negotiating for your new home easy. Not only that but there won’t be any confusing paperwork for you to deal with alone. Moreover, they have a great marketing strategy to ensure your previous house gets sold. To find the in-depth list of benefits check out the post “Why should I hire a professional when looking for Penticton real estate for sale”.


penticton real estateMarch 2021 - How to sell your home quickly & move into Penticton real estate.

Selling your home in a pinch can be a tricky task to accomplish. However, with the right agent, you are sure to meet your goals. Before you list your home, you’ll want to prepare the interior and exterior, so that buyers get the best first impression. Painting walls, staging, and cleaning are all ways to get ready to list your home. For more tips and advice on how to sell your home fast, view the full post “How to sell your home quickly & move into Penticton real estate”.


Real Estate in Penticton BCApril 2021 - Investing in Real Estate in Penticton BC

Investing in Real Estate in Penticton BC is a great way to branch out in your investment portfolio. Real estate is a fairly reliable investment when done right. There are many ways you can get your hands on a property in Penticton. For instance, REITs, REIGs, rental properties, and flipping homes. To find an in-depth explanation of these, view the article “Investing in Real Estate in Penticton BC”.


affordable real estate pentictonMay 2021 - Affordable Housing in Penticton - An Unlikely Find 

In May, we went through April’s market stats in Penticton. Homes in Penticton at this time were priced very high, making this area not affordable for many buyers. We went through single-family home stats, townhome stats, and condo stats. Check out “Affordable Housing in Penticton - An Unlikely Find” for more information.


moving to houses for sale PentictonJune 2021 - Moving to Penticton Houses for Sale with Pets!

Moving to a new home with a pet can be stressful for both you and your furry companion. In this article, you can find all sorts of information on how to transition into your new home with a pet. From getting their paperwork in order to figuring out where you can leave your little critter on vacation. View the full post “Moving to Penticton Houses for Sale with Pets” to discover some helpful advice. 


penticton homes for saleJuly 2021 - Homeowners Association Penticton Homes for Sale

There are many pros and cons to living in a stratified property. Living in a home with these regulations can remove some of the weight owning a house can put on a person. However, it can restrict your freedoms. For a closer look at the pros and cons of living in a home-like this, read the full blog post about “Homeowners Association Penticton Homes for Sale”.


real estate for sale in pentictonAugust 2021 - Security tips for real estate in Penticton

Having a great security system in your home is an essential part of staying safe. By taking home security seriously you can protect your neighbours and yourself from crime. Doing things like installing cameras, using motion sensor lights, and upgrading locks can be just what you need to deter unwanted intruders. Discover more on home security by viewing the article “Security tips for real estate in Penticton”. 


housing in PentictonSeptember 2021 - Housing in Penticton - August Update brought to you by Penticton REALTORS®.

In September, we wrote another market update from Penticton REALTORS® about the month of August. In this article, you can find information about single-family housing, land, and other properties. If you’d like to look back on August’s market report, this is the article for you! View the full post “Housing in Penticton - August Update” on our website now.


schools in PentictonOctober 2021 & November 2021 - Schools near Penticton housing for sale!

October and November marked the start of our schooling content. These articles were dedicated to elementary schools in the Penticton area. It is often challenging for parents to determine where to send their kids to school. We have detailed a list of everything you need to know about each elementary school in the Penticton area. This way, you can make the most informed decision on where to buy a home. To read more about the elementary schools in the Penticton area, view the post “Schools near Penticton housing for sale”.


Team Thompson would like to thank all of you for another great year in Penticton real estate. We look forward to working with all of you again in the future. For more information about any of these topics, or to find a property in the area, contact us today! We are excited to bring you more real estate content in the new year! In the meantime follow along with us over on Instagram!  Happy holidays everyone 🙂

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